Vegetarian & athletic: the rules to follow

Today, vegetarianism is a food mode excluding meat and fish that is becoming increasingly popular. In question: the proven impact of meat production on the environment, the effects of overfishing, animal suffering , the effects on health … the reasons are various and may differ from person to person. ‘other. Still, when you play sports, there is often this question that comes up: ” will I have to adapt my training to my new diet?” / will I have less energy or deficiencies? “.

Indeed, proteins and iron of animal origin seem to be better absorbed by the human body, which does not mean that you cannot be athletic and vegetarian, as Emile Zatopek has proven! You just need to follow a few simple rules of nutrition.

Combine grains and legumes

Combine legumes ( lentils , chickpeas , red or white beans , split peas …) and cereals (rice, wheat) allows you to find the entire chain of amino acids essential for a protein intake . Usually, these amino acids are found completely in meat, but if you are a vegetarian , it is strongly recommended to combine these two types of food. However, it is not compulsory to eat them at the same time, it can be done during a day. 

Bet on spinach and broccoli

These are vegetables very rich in calcium , which is essential for proper muscle function . Of course, dairy products are also a very good source of calcium! However, when you are a vegetarian, you may tend to eat less. Vegetables rich in calcium can therefore be a good supplement.

Don’t forget vitamin C fruits

The iron deficiency is the sword of Damocles of vegetarians and especially vegetarian. We find significant amounts of iron in tofu and mung beans for example, but vegetable iron is always less well fixed than animal iron . This is why it is important to take care of its vitamin C intake : kiwis , oranges and parsley are your new friends!

Eat eggs

If in your food choices, eggs are allowed, do not skip it … provided they are of quality! Very good source of vitamin B12 , they are also a significant animal protein . The best solution is to buy eggs directly from the producer , through an AMAP or an organic store that works with local products .

It is therefore neither impossible nor complicated to be vegetarian and keen on running ! The important rest all just to eat balanced .


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