The health benefits of strawberries


This gourmet little fruit makes its appearance on the shelves at the arrival of spring. Low in calories and high in vitamin C, strawberries are loaded with health benefits. However, consuming strawberries is not without its risks.

Nutritional values ​​and health benefits

Strawberries are an important source of vitamin C, an effective antioxidant agent in the fight against free radicals responsible for cancer and skin aging. It even contains more than an orange, about 60 mg per 100 g of strawberries, or 50% of the recommended daily intake. It also contains vitamin A and vitamin B9 which stimulate the immune system. It is rich in potassium essential for the nervous system and calcium for the bones.

Its small seeds are full of fiber which helps stimulate intestinal transit, thus limiting bloating and constipation. In addition, it is a source of pectin that can help lower cholesterol levels.

Count only 32 calories for 100 grams of strawberries. Composed largely of water (about 90 % of the fruit), they will refresh you during the hot summer months.

On the other hand, these small fruits with a ruddy color contain a significant amount of carbohydrates: approximately 4.66 grams of simple sugars per 100 grams of fruit. So be careful for people monitoring their glycemic index. It is also recommended for people suffering from intestinal disorders do not abuse it because it can not only be irritating, but also cause allergies.

The strawberry in all its facets

Strawberries lend themselves to many sweet recipes that will tantalize the taste buds of the most gourmet! Prefer them of a beautiful shiny red and the peduncle very green.

Sliced ​​and garnished with a spicy syrup, the strawberry salad is a great classic. Add to that a homemade vanilla whipped cream and you have a simple, but effective dessert ! Mint and basil go wonderfully with strawberries : consider sprinkling a few freshly chopped leaves and add a spoonful of balsamic vinegar. You will be amazed by this amazing dessert to serve on a scoop of vanilla ice cream for more indulgence.

Finally, cocktails, strawberry will bring a touch of fantasy : some strawberries crushed into a margarita or strawberry cubes in a glass of champagne and the tour is played. Surprising, isn’t it ? Finally, they ideally accompany cheeses with character thanks to their sweet / acid association, perfect for an original end of meal.

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