Never Ever Put These 10 Foods in Your Fridge


We normally think of the refrigerator as a way to keep food for the longest period possible. With most foods, that’s right. Without the fridge, we couldn’t retain meat, dairy products, or any other types of products in the house. Refrigerators definitely are a new miracle that changed the way families eat.

However as it turns out, some foods truly lose freshness in the fridge. Sometimes cold food reduces the flavor or changes the form.

There are all 10 of the foods on our list, you’ll want to review to enhance your cooking and appreciate your food more. Putting the following foods at room temperature can really help you evade accidentally wasting so much great stuff.

1 – Potatoes

You will want to store potatoes in a cool, darkened place, but the fridge is too chilly. The cold begins to cut down the starch in the potatoes, creating a crumbly form that is unpleasant to consume. The starch also starts to convert to sugar in the fridge, besides changing the flavor.

2 – Onions

Onions will fade more quickly in the fridge than on the table. They’ll get spoiled and marshy before you recognize it. It’s best to stock onions at room temperature, but save them out of direct light. Once the onion is peeled and chopped, you should refrigerate it. Simply place it in a sealable pouch and put it in the vegetable section.

3 – Garlic

Garlic tends to lose its taste when kept in the refrigerator. To save that sharp taste, keep it in a cool and dry box with some airing. A paper bag is a great choice. But garlic does still start to fade once the head has been cracked open. Make sure to utilize those cloves in 10 days


4 – Melon Whole

Whole melons

You d better have melons, such as cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew, when stored at room temperature. Some studies even suggest that refrigerating melon will diminish the antioxidant content rapidly, so consuming it at room temperature makes that fruit fresher, too. After chopping, you can put melon in the refrigerator for about 3-4 days.

5 – Honey

Honey will crystallize when stored in the fridge. It becomes grainy and virtually solid, so it is almost impossible to consume as well as undesirable. Honey lasts for a very long time as long as it is saved at room temperature. Honey that has hardened can be retrieved by smoothly heating the jar in warm water.

6 – Bread

Bread is almost perishable in general; it just doesn’t remain fresh before molding. Some people place it in the fridge to prevent it from becoming moldy, and it does work in that sense. But refrigerating bread dries it out as well so you won’t enjoy it anyway. Bread should be stored in a bread drawer or on the counter. If you need to lengthen its life, freeze it and then heat slices as wanted.

7 – Tomatoes

While several kinds of food fit better in the fridge, tomatoes don’t. You will want to place it on the counter. cooling whole tomatoes removes their taste and gives it a mealy texture. If your tomatoes are not ready yet, set them on a clear windowsill. If they start to fade it’s best to cook them, later which they can be saved in the refrigerator.

8 – Apples

You can cool your apples if you like them cold, but you don’t need to. Actually, cooling them will break down their delicacy. Apples are a delicate fruit to present on a counter or a table for a few weeks. At that limit, any that haven’t been consumed can be placed in the cooler to lengthen their life a couple of days.

9 – Avocados

It can be hard to get avocados at the top of their ripeness, and they are simply not sufficient when they’re too thick or too soft. Having an under-ripe avocado is similar to bite into a hard potato, and over mature avocado is mushy and blackened. However, it’s alright to cool down avocado if you have one that has become ripe yet, you aren’t ready to use it. That can get you a couple of extra days.

10 – Berries

Berries just don’t last very long after picking, so it’s better to get them on the day you need them rather than stock them. However, the fridge is more useful than the counter if you are willing to keep on berries for some days. Still, most get musty easily once they turn to wet, so never wash a whole box and then store it.


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