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The natural or effortless way of living is very easy to apply, because it is intrinsically imprinted upon our being. It is all about harnessing the power of intention, the law of non-interference, and respect for opposing forces. We forget this path, however, because we are taught that life is a struggle and that we should find it challenging to live a better life. Then, we become so deeply indentified with the learned schemas of “how to be successful in life” that we forget who we are and how to find our place in this world through the natural way of living. To determine if you are living the natural or effortless way, simply observe yourself and find out if you are struggling. If you are exhausted in your attempts to achieve higher goals, then you have not incorporated the natural way in your attempts to manifest success.

Furthermore, we struggle when we want to manifest something with which we do not resonate subconsciously. In other words, we may consciously desire something in life, but our subconscious mind can sabotage our efforts. This happens because of the tendency in human beings to crave only one pole in the duality of opposing forces and to resist the other pole. What we resist, however, is impressed upon our subconscious mind, manifesting in undesirable realities that seem fated. Said another way, what we resist persists. The natural way of manifesting success implies non-interference with the intrinsic process of swinging between the two opposite poles of duality and the opposing forces inherent to all things. There are two opposing forces maintaining the equilibrium and dynamism of every natural process on every level of the universe.

Most people go against the natural flow by undermining the manifestation of their goals because they crave what they do not have and fail to appreciate what they do have. Appreciating what one has and the state one is in implies a respect for the natural flow without resistance. It is impossible to soar to heights if one does not accept and appreciate when one is in a low. The heights cannot be maintained without sometimes venturing to the lows. Winning cannot be experienced without losing. This is the way of nature. Going with it conserves power. Resisting it results in the loss of power.

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