Kids Eat Vegetables

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables: 7 Tips

7- Be A Good Example


This is without a doubt the most crucial of the seven suggestions!

How can you expect your child to eat veggies if you don’t? You can’t do it! Setting a good example for your child is an important part of parenting. It’s the same with eating habits.

To tell you the truth, I’ve never been a major lover of veggies. It’s something I’ve done since I was a kid. My older son’s habits have certainly been affected by this. That’s why, over the past two years, I’ve been working hard to correct the issue.

So, what’s the next step for us? All of the aforementioned will be put to use at our dinner table. I’m going to start incorporating veggies into all of my recipes starting next week. I’m also thinking of doing a “veggie week” when I don’t eat any meat.


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