Kids Eat Vegetables

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables: 7 Tips

5- Offer Alternatives


Carrots are disliked by some children. Others aren’t fond of tomatoes. Most children, on the other hand, enjoy one or two vegetables. Tomatoes are a favorite of my son’s. There’s a better chance you’ll find something your child likes if you give him a variety of vegetables to choose from. It’s crucial to persuade him to eat veggies, and even more vital, to locate ones that he enjoys. In the future, such information will be a powerful weapon. How do you do it? You’ll use that information to make salads using veggies you know he likes mixed in with other veggies.

Because my son likes tomatoes, we create a simple tomato salad with tomatoes, red onions, and olives. He likes olives and tomatoes but dislikes red onions; nonetheless, by slicing them up and combining them with the tomatoes and olives, he finds it difficult to avoid them.


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