How to live better naturally?


Here are some ways to live Natural and Organic!

Healthy and lively cuisine

To feel good, nothing beats a balanced cuisine. Many devices are at your disposal to allow you to prepare healthy and delicious dishes that will help your body to regain dynamism and harmony. These culinary utensils are designed and manufactured by structures that have chosen to apply to their production a real ethical spirit in terms of the environment and clarity on their components. You will therefore have the assurance of cooking in devices free of phthalates, Bisphenol A, or that of a product manufactured locally and whose carbon footprint is lower than for others of the same nature.

The dehydrator also finds its place in organic and natural cooking since it allows you to preserve a number of foods while drying them. We quickly understand the interest of such a device when we measure the impact of its use on our daily life. Indeed, the dehydrator dries the foods you want to keep for a long time while preserving all their qualities (flavor, vitamins, nutrients). This preservation process is natural and fits perfectly into the search for living food. It is also more ecological because it uses less energy than a freezer. In addition, the products, once dried, can be stored in a reduced space.

However, our diet is not limited to cooked dishes, we can also worry about the quality of the water that we drink or wish to be able to find all the flavor and the virtues of a fruit or a vegetable in its liquid form. (in juice, coulis or others …).

And when you want to prepare good juices from fruits, vegetables or herbs, nothing like juice extractors whose slow-pressing technique preserves the vitamins, enzymes and minerals naturally present in these foods. Most of the juice extractors available on the market can also be used to make purees, fresh pasta or even sorbets.

Another alternative is possible thanks to blenders. These devices, intended for wider ranges of culinary preparations, allow you, just like juice extractors, to concoct your homemade fruit or vegetable cocktails, your purees or sorbets. The main difference between these two devices lies in the possibility offered by the blenders of being able to select the speeds and rotation programs of the blades. If the slow speed is always essential to obtain a fruit juice with optimum benefits, you can with a blender , make a bread dough but also soups, milkshakes or oilseed purees … Some blenders even go so far as to grind food so finely that the nutrients, once ingested, are even better assimilated by the body.

Today there are water ionizers which, through an electrolysis system, make it possible to obtain clean, highly oxygenated water with anti-oxidant properties. Alkaline water contains a higher proportion of oxygen which fights against the free radicals responsible for the aging of our cells. Its excellent dissolving properties allow a very efficient drainage of toxins present in our body. Our cells are thus hydrated, cleansed and purified.

Water ionizers help maintain the acid / base balance in our body.

While a healthy diet considerably strengthens the natural capacities and resistance of our organism, natural life also involves taking a careful look at our living environment, in a more global way. Taking care of yourself by improving your sleep, breathing or even taking relaxing breaks are also an integral part of this way of thinking.


Restful sleep thanks to organic mattresses

While all of us are aware that sleeping time is a critical time for rest and energy recovery in our body, the fact is that we do not always have adequate bedding. Hence the importance of taking your time to choose the mattress that will fully meet these expectations and 100% natural latex mattresses are a very good example of achieving this goal.

When it is harvested in the application of quality standards and in a serious environmental context (respect for the tree, sustainably managed forests), 100% natural latex has many advantages. It has antibacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-mite properties. It is made up of fibers that allow air to circulate, do not retain moisture, and it naturally regulates the temperature of the bed. 100% natural latex mattresses contain no chemicals and do not emit any volatile organic compounds. In addition, they offer very good resistance, naturally follow the movements of the body which ensures the correct positioning of the latter, and regain their shape after use. Let us not forget to specify that natural latex is a durable and biodegradable material.

100% natural latex mattresses therefore offer the guarantee of unparalleled sleeping comfort that will satisfy people concerned with their well-being but also with the environment.

For clean and healthy air

In addition to the immediate comfort of the body, it is also possible to improve the atmosphere of his home and on this point, air ionizers are extremely interesting. The advantage of this type of device is that they allow you to purify the air you breathe by considerably reducing the particles in suspension, which are harmful to our body because they are often the cause of discomfort or respiratory problems. The negative ions of the air ionizers remove these particles and in particular the finest among them which penetrate even deeper into the pulmonary alveoli.

To remain in the continuity of an environmental logic, we will take care to choose an air ionizer which does not release ozone and which is low consumption.

And why not , relax?

Living naturally also means knowing how to take breaks and relax your body.

The inflatable spa is an affordable and particularly attractive solution. Easy to assemble, resistant and aesthetic, you can most of the time choose to install it indoors or outdoors. The inflatable spa will allow you to enjoy a real moment of relaxation after a stressful day or a sporting activity, thanks to the nozzles integrated into its wall which will massage your body.

You will quickly get used to your favorite moment of relaxation and in order to never miss it, the inflatable spa has been designed to be able to be transported everywhere. It can therefore accompany you on weekends or holidays and will always be at the service of your well-being.

As you have discovered in these lines, living naturally is within everyone’s reach. We have only mentioned a few devices or objects here that can contribute to this way of life, but there are many others. However, one piece of advice remains in order: in order to be sure to make a purchase that truly meets an eco-responsible ethic, always take the time to learn as much as possible about the composition, origin or manufacture of the objects you want. to acquire.

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