How to eat balanced in the evening?

Everyone must necessarily keep in mind that eating a balanced diet does not mean depriving yourself and even less missing meals. Many people still mistakenly think that the evening meal can be omitted since after it we go to bed and we, therefore, burn less calories than during the day. But this is a mistake since the evening meal, like the other meals of the day, plays an important role for our organism and our health. We therefore advise you to adopt the right reflexes to build a perfectly balanced dinner.

What should we eat in the evening?

It is difficult to answer this question since it will depend in large part on… what you ate for lunch. Indeed, it is recommended to eat for lunch or dinner a portion of meat or fish, starches, a portion of vegetables (such as a soup), a portion of dairy products, a portion of fruit and it is possible to add two tablespoons of fat (fresh cream, butter or olive oil, rapeseed or walnut oil which provide omega 3, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body).

However, it is still often recommended to favor the intake of meat and starch during lunch rather than during dinner. Starchy foods will keep you going all day without feeling hungry, which is more useful for getting through the afternoon than at night. Likewise, a meal that is too large is difficult to digest, which is why we recommend that you eat lightly in the evening and about 2 hours before bedtime. For the rest, you can compose the menu that interests you with fruits, soups, salads, or even vegetables, to which you can add a small portion of starch.


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