2 good reasons to adopt honey every day


It is a natural product whose richness is made up of a diversity of elements. Indeed, honey contains both water, carbohydrates, carbohydrates, fructose, glucose, proteins, and various amino acids . This is certainly why it is considered to be the food of the gods. In this, if it is properly harvested, honey is able to guarantee you a balance in your existence . Discover two things that should convince you to absolutely adopt it.

Honey has a plural impact on your health

If generally, it is adopted to satisfy your tastes and accompany your various dishes, honey is also able to contribute to the regeneration of your immune system. Indeed, because it contains antioxidants such as flavonoids, it also promotes healing, but above all facilitates the rebirth of your cells.

The solicitation of honey in this kind of context dates back to Egyptian Antiquity . At the time of this very advanced civilization, carers had already identified the many healing abilities of honey. They used it in particular for their various medicinal preparations.

This would have inspired war battalions in the twentieth century, who used honey to administer emergency care to soldiers. It was therefore used to treat wounds and accelerate healing.

Moreover, honey is also used to fight against acne. It is often recommended to apply it to the skin to work for the disappearance of disturbing buttons and their complete healing.

In addition, you can use it in case of inflammatory problems, seasonal allergies or flu in cold periods. In the latter case, it is suggested to combine it with lemon in order to activate certain effective principles.

Obviously to benefit from all its virtues, it is necessary to obtain quality honey. This implies that it is produced under optimal conditions, and in a suitable environment. Formalities that are only met by seasoned specialists who care about what they offer their consumers. There are structures such as Apis Civi which offer honey whose succulence and benefits are obvious.



Honey is better than usual sugar

You may not know it, but white sugar is stripped of its nutritional value. Especially since to obtain it, factories are forced to increase the level of cholesterol and lipid compounds or fat in the body that they use to manufacture it. Which clearly is able to cause hypertension and many cardiovascular diseases in you. It is also stated that white sugar would facilitate the development of certain cancers . Especially in the colon, stomach, pancreas, uterus and even breast.

However, honey naturally contains sugar. In accordance with the level of fructose and glucose with which it is full. Except that these do not cause a spike in blood sugar like white sugar would. Rather, honey falls into the category of slow sugars which are effective over a long period. And therefore, easier to manage for the body. Which makes it better than white sugar. In addition, the level of sucrose it contains is weak and moderate. But also because the energy obtained from its components is easily used over the long term by the body. Moreover, it contributes better to the oxidation of ethanol in the liver. So many reasons to prefer honey to white sugar. However, it is recommended to consume it with great restraint.

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